Ecommerce consultant brings you exclusive online business solutions

Ecommerce Consultant provides clients with scalable and dynamic online shop design and SEO services. From the setting up of shopping carts to optimization of web businesses for the Search Engines, the Ecommerce Consultant brings years of experience and skill to bear on modern internet businesses looking to install, manage and evaluate their internet businesses. The unique strategic services offered by the Ecommerce Consultant positions enterprises, medium businesses and SOHOS in the right perspective of modern online business.

Ecommerce website

  1. Online shopping cart
  2. Online catalog
  3. Integrate shopping cart Into WordPress
  4. Online shop maintenance
  5. Product uploads and updates

Search Engine Optimization

  1. Helping Your Website Get More Pages Listed In The Search Engines
  2. Making Your Website Search Engine Friendly
  3. Ranking Higher For Specific Words Or Phrases On The Search Engines
  4. Remove Unwanted Web Pages From Search Engines

Audits and Reports

  1. Competitor Analysis
  2. Website Audit (With Recommendations For Improvement)
  3. Usability and Quality Assurance (QA) Tests For Live And Beta Websites
  4. SEO Analysis Of Websites
  5. Website Performance Monitoring, Analysis And Recommendations
  6. New Website Consultancy Including Domain Name Choice And Design
  7. Audience And Site Visitor Analysis

Internet Marketing

  1. Making your products and services popular on the internet
  2. Generate more traffic to your website

Domain Name Management

  1. Domain name monetization
  2. New domain name purchase appraisal
  3. Domain name acquisition evaluation
  4. Domain name costing
  5. Domain name investment
  6. Domain name disposal review

We can perform custom services not listed above as far as they relate to SEO or Ecommerce.